"Only apparently two cycles photographs of Goran Kukic (Portraits and Forms) represent opposite poles - real versus surreal, uncovered versus covert, well known versus the unknown, poses against the motion."
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    Voislav Bulatovic

    "Photography as static content and sculpture as a dynamic form in Goran Kukic's works form an unusual counterpoint. Portraits whose essence is to be seen and recognized face themselves with sculptural forms whose essence is to feel and indicate."
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    Professor Jasna Janicijevic, PhD

    "Paraphrasing the words of the famous photographer Nadar, photographic technique is easily studied, but to capture the essence of the chosen motif is something that cannot be taught and what is needed in order to grab that essence, to achieve complete unity with the motif. Kukic did it, he catches interesting cadres and fills them with original scenes packed with expression."
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    Jasmina Zitnik


    "Goran Kukic's exhibition of art photography in Contemporary Arts Gallery in Sombor, "Portraits of Form", is a stylized and witty derivative of two cycles, 'Forms' and 'Portraits'. The faces and bodies, in an uninhibited gallery space with a pedestal, blend the photographic expression with sculptor's ornamentation, as if they are looking for their interpreters and interlocutors, reaching the full potential of impressions. The setting "Portraits of Form" at a first glance liberates the visitors with a vital message: This is a photo design, *feel me*, don't think about the form."
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    Miljana Zrnic

    "Through this cycle Kukic approaches the classic art disciplines, such as painting, with a different approach - more demanding technical requirements toward photography, which becomes the artis's medium, and by a different kind of subjectivity, moved from a sphere of direct interest to the one in which the artist uses it to intervene and change the existing world."
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    Cedomir Janicic